Time To Quit?

Wick Kaminski's new book, Time to Quit?, explores every factor necessary to consider when it comes to reflecting on work and whether or not your career trajectory is aligning with what you actually want to be doing. There are many factors to consider when it comes time to making this sort of transitionary decision in life. Conveniently, this book covers them all, with tact and simplicity. In this post, I've decided to highlight only one reflection point that stood out to me,

Let's Get Right Into It...

Is there even enough "time" to incorporate a conscious and consistent practice of well-being, let alone spirituality, into a professional career? Welcome to the main event. A match between our perceptions and self-imposed limitations versus our natural state of being. Two versus one. Is there even a chance that our natural state of being will prevail? TL;DR yes, of course. Consider This: “Spirituality is not physical in nature, so it does not consume time.” Naturally, we were