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Let's Get Right Into It...

Is there even enough "time" to incorporate a conscious and consistent practice of well-being, let alone spirituality, into a professional career?

Welcome to the main event. A match between our perceptions and self-imposed limitations versus our natural state of being. Two versus one. Is there even a chance that our natural state of being will prevail? TL;DR yes, of course.

Consider This:

“Spirituality is not physical in nature, so it does not consume time.”

Naturally, we were born as joyful little creatures, save for the occasional bursts of tears and pouts and bouts of stubbornness. For the most part, joy was our natural state of being. Remember? However, over the course of life, our individual experiences have led many of us down a rather unfamiliar path of #anxiety and chaos that we've somehow.. grown accustomed to. Why is that?

It Is Not So Much About "Time" As It Is About "Willingness"

Think about the difference between how #time is experienced in the physical body and how it is experienced in the mind. Time, as it is experienced in the physical body, is all relative -- sometimes, it feels as if it is flying by at the speed of light, and at other times, it feels as if the next sunrise is years away. Nevertheless, it is an essential element of our day-to-day activities which our bodies are naturally aware of. But we have allowed the natural concept of "time" to overwhelm us on a daily basis.

All too often in our careers, we hear grunts and sighs pertaining to how there are "not enough hours in a day," and we seem to constantly be in catch-up mode from day one. This feeling should not be commonplace and is a sign alerting us to pay some attention to how our perceptions are actually negatively influencing our physical experiences and what we can do to flip the script.

Time, as it is experienced in the mind, is not as limited as it is in the physical body, if at all. There are dimensions within us which are not related to time. #Spirituality, for example, is an inner dimension within us that does not necessarily relate to time. Initially, it may require some effort and #willingness to understand how to regularly access a practice of spirituality that resonates with you, but once you have implemented one into your lifestyle, it no longer takes time. Spirituality is not physical in nature, so it does not consume time.

So, there comes a time (no pun intended) in our lives when we need to get #real with ourselves and admit that the way we are approaching many hours in the day is no longer healthy. Then, we need to be willing to do something proactive about it. It is not so much about striving to have a better handle on the same 24 hours in a day that are allotted to everyone. That goal, alone, is nearly impossible to achieve, as it would be exceedingly difficult to really know how to handle every possible twist and turn one day may have in store.

It is more so about understanding the power of your #mind, and striving to have a better handle on your own, however that process may look to you. Keep in mind, it is a process. Though, never have I understood another process to be more profound. Leave those 24 hours to themselves. What you have control over is yourself; nothing more, nothing less.

And The Joy?

“Without investing enough time in perception, if life is all expression, then life becomes a big struggle.”

Well... that will just return naturally. As children, we never intentionally had to pencil in an appointment with "joy," did we? It was simply a natural state of being that has only been tarnished over time. More about why #anxiety and chaos have become so prevalent in our society, with action steps on how to change this current reality in another post, but for now, stay willing to explore your inner dimensions, and enough time will make itself available to you. "Without investing enough time in perception, if life is all expression, then life becomes a big struggle." Sadhguru, on Stress and Time Management, 4:45


When you are willing to invest in yourself, in mind, body, and spirit, your natural state of being will always prevail. Guaranteed. Or your money back.

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