Who's the Boss?

You are the boss of you. There. That's the answer. No need to continue reading. But really... if that's the case... what are you managing, how are you managing it, and most importantly, why are you managing it? Those are the real questions. Many new hires juggle with this question, when they first join a new workplace. Who should I turn to for guidance? Who's calling the shots around here? Most likely, the common answer to all of the above would consist of the name of at leas

Let's Get Right Into It...

Is there even enough "time" to incorporate a conscious and consistent practice of well-being, let alone spirituality, into a professional career? Welcome to the main event. A match between our perceptions and self-imposed limitations versus our natural state of being. Two versus one. Is there even a chance that our natural state of being will prevail? TL;DR yes, of course. Consider This: “Spirituality is not physical in nature, so it does not consume time.” Naturally, we were