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Who's the Boss?

You are the boss of you. There. That's the answer. No need to continue reading. But really... if that's the case... what are you managing, how are you managing it, and most importantly, why are you managing it? Those are the real questions.

Many new hires juggle with this question, when they first join a new workplace. Who should I turn to for guidance? Who's calling the shots around here? Most likely, the common answer to all of the above would consist of the name of at least one entirely separate person in your respective department. However, my favorite answer is... yes, you called it: ultimately, you are the boss of you.

“Have value for your life, and your life will reflect value for you.”

What I mean by that is -- it is up to you to determine where you #choose to invest your life's precious moments. What exactly inspired you to apply yourself to a certain position in the first place? Similarly, what will continue to inspire you to maintain the position and consistently approach your work with a sense of purpose and devotion? Have value for your life, and your life will reflect value for you.

Determine Your Motivation, And Discover Your Drive

When trying to determine your motivation, it is best to set aside some #quality #time for just yourself, leaving aside any motivations driven by such things as money, lifestyle, and expectations of others. Especially, try your very best to leave aside any motivations driven by your anxieties, your frustrations, your doubts, and your concerns. What is it that YOU could see yourself being devoted to, fully. What is it in this world that really matters to you?

Very early on in our careers, we hold tight to this idea that everyone achieving great feats in the workforce has it all figured out. And many of those people graciously offer up words of wisdom on how they got to where they are, while the newbies hurriedly take notes and try to absorb as much as they can, with hopes that they, too, will follow in the same footsteps and achieve the same results. What we tend to forget along the way is that no footsteps have ever and will ever walk along the same path as our own. We must not choose to do something, only because it worked out for someone else. Likewise, we must not choose against a decision, simply because it has shown to be unsuccessful for someone else. Do something simply because you know it will be an endeavor you will look back on with pride and satisfaction, knowing you gave it your all and that you did it, because you wanted to.

The moment you determine your #motivation, you will discover your #drive. You will want to do your best at the job at hand, because you have determined for yourself a meaningful reason why you are showing up to work. And this is what it means to be your own boss.


When your boss on paper recognizes your genuine ability to stay driven and motivated at work, your work environment will undoubtedly become more exciting and fulfilling, as each day passes. We crave engagement and are inspired by challenges. So, why not take it upon yourself to be an example of that, so that those around you are encouraged to step it up as well?

As they say... teamwork makes the dream work.

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